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Cakes & Bakes Pakistan Jobs For Human Resource Executive


Cakes & Bakes Pakistan Jobs For Human Resource Executive


Looking for a “Human Resource Executive”

Organization: Cakes & Bakes Pakistan

Position: Human Resource Executive

Qualification: BBA/MBA, with specialization in HR

Experience: At least 1-2 years in Recruitment & Selection

For Apply:

Location: Corporate Office, 18-Kms, Multan Road, Lahore

Job Description:

To receive and analyze the demand for human resources from various functional departments, keeping in view sanction of posts as per HRP, salary range and justification for a new post;

To establish, maintain and update the record of Personnel Requisition Forms;

To send monthly report to Group SGM HRD regarding the number of Personnel Requisition Forms received and hiring made against such demands;

To calculate the average time per hire on a monthly as well as an annual basis;

To observe, maintain and implement the prescribed process of recruitment and selection. This includes registering at online job portals, giving classified advertisements in newspapers, post jobs on the company’s official website and using all available means to increase applicants’ base for specific jobs;

To shortlist candidates according to the prescribed criteria; to conduct screening tests, if any and short-list as per screening criteria;

To queue up candidates for panel interviews; check candidates’ credentials before presenting them to the interview panel;

To follow up with short-listed candidates after the interview till the filling-up of vacancy;

To participate in recruitment and selection committee as and when required and ensures implementation of the company’s policy regarding recruitment and selection of candidates;

To engage in head-hunting with an objective to establish a suitable candidates pool, without advertising in newspapers or job portals;

To conduct orientation of newly hired employees and also assist Group SGM HRD in conducting orientation (where he himself is conducting orientation);

Cakes & Bakes Pakistan Jobs For Human Resource Executive
Cakes & Bakes Pakistan Jobs For Human Resource Executive


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